Urban League of Central Carolinas

Friday, August 17, 2018

The Linking Youth to Technology Through Education Program (LYTE) assists students that can benefit from technology enrichment. To keep up, youth in today’s world must have basic computer skills. Urban League of Central Carolinas gives youth the opportunity necessary to practice these skills in order to be competitive in high school and beyond.

LYTE Charlotte Sites

  • Olympic High School
  • West Charlotte High School
  • Garinger High School
  • Sterling Elementary School
  • Urban League of Central Carolinas Summer Camp

Digital Connectors (Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology & Harding University High School)

Digital Connectors prepares students for success in the 21st Century workplace. The curriculum includes Cisco I.T. Essentials certification, 57 hours of community service per student. The12 core competencies are: Leadership & Diversity, Personal Development, Workforce Development, Financial Literacy, Community Mapping, Digital Literacy, Hardware & Networks, Software & Programming, Media Production & Civic Journalism, Environment & Sustainability, Service & Global Engagement, Teaching & Facilitation.

Sterling & River Gate Elementary Schools

Students in grades 3-5 are selected by teachers to participant in the Urban League’s LYTE after-school program. The K-8 curriculum is used and has over 600 lessons which are organized into integrated and cross-curricular lessons. The integrated lessons teach a computer skill and apply it to grade level academic content. Cross-curricular lessons teach a technology or business skill. Both types of lessons have a quiz that covers the main points of the lesson's technology or academic objective.