Urban League of Central Carolinas

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The National Council of Urban League Guilds is comprised of volunteer auxiliaries of the National Urban League. Started in New York City in 1942 by Mrs. Mollie Moon, the National Council of Guilds is divided into 85 chapters across four regions. Guild members are considered to be the heart and soul of the Urban League movement, and contribute thousands of volunteer hours annually.

The Guilds help serve the League through raising both funds, and the public’s awareness of the nation’s largest and oldest civil service organization as well as playing a pivotal role in connecting the Urban League to the community.

Guild members are actively involved with:

  • Fundraising for events
  • Working as a mentors and tutors
  • Assisting Urban League affiliates with special projects

We need new members and your help to further develop and implement our program action plan. The Guild's core mission is to support the Urban League's vision and mission to educate, train and place under-served individuals into jobs; whereby they can achieve dignity and become self-sufficient. This requires fully involved members. We also need your ideas to move forward and develop new programs for the community we serve, as well as to grow our membership and enhance our impact locally.

For more information and to become involved with Urban League Guild of Central Carolinas, please contact Laurelle Roker at lroker@tiaa.org.