Urban League of Central Carolinas

Friday, June 5, 2020

Following the release of bodycam footage of the shooting of Danquirs Franklin, Urban League of Central Carolinas president and CEO Teddy McDaniel, called for a thorough and independent investigation of the officers’ actions, and urged city officials to respect the public’s right to peaceful protest.

“The video obviously raises questions not only about whether the shooting was justified, but also whether officers followed department policy about body cameras,” McDaniel said. “The Urban League of Central Carolinas intends to hold the police and city accountable for the answers our community deserves.”

“Just as we expect police and city officials to follow the law, we urge our fellow advocates and activists to remain within the law as they exercise their constitutionally-protected right to protest,” McDaniel added.

The Urban League long has advocated for widespread use of dashboard cameras and body cameras, enhanced training for officers in use-of-force and the use of independent prosecutors to investigate police-involved shootings. The National Urban League supports a 10-Point Plan for Police Reform and Accountability.

Also, the Urban League is advocating for additional resources allocated towards outreach programs that will help to eliminate the ongoing problem of gun violence; and, include crime prevention strategies that would enhance the overall relationship and public trust between the police and communities of color.

About the Urban League of Central Carolinas (ULCC)

The Urban League of Central Carolinas is a multi-service, non-profit agency, organized in 1978. Its mission is to empower the African American and all underserved communities to attain financial stability and social justice in a global economy through education, training, placement. Our range of programs can benefit anyone in need of education, skills training, career development, financial literacy and youth programs. We serve persons from all economic backgrounds.

Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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